Monday, December 29, 2008

ese lugar llamado 2008

que vivio los dias que gusto. que respiro palabras. que se alimento de conquistas. que camino momentos sin correr. que escucho cuentos e invento otros. que soño realidades. que observo al parpadear. que conto mas alla de numeros. que existio sin misterio.

a lo que reunido nunca sumara trescientos sescenta y cinco. le rindo homenaje. le toco fanfarrias. le ovaciono de pie. le aplaudo a dos manos. le grito "bravo". le regalo mis palmas llenas de gracias. muchas gracias!

Friday, December 12, 2008


pense en invitarte al hotel.
no te equivoques, me han regalado dos noches.
parece un lugar que te hubiera gustado.
entro mañana y salgo el domingo, todo esta pagado ya.
la reserva esta a mi nombre y pide dos camas.
yo no puedo llegar donde estas tu.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

my bedtime story

my parents & i lived in los angeles for five years. my dad was doing his phd at usc & my mom spent her days taking care of me. our home was a tiny little studio @ the dorms on campus. our backyard was the track & field. our pet was the horse at the trojans games. and our family were our next door neighbors from venezuela, milvia & rolando. needless to say, laptops, mobiles & dvds did not exist. it was the late seventies. i was less than one year old.
throughout the years & to prevent my mind from blurring faces & memories of that time, i used to daydream on some of the stories that my mom told me. my favorite was the one that had to do with the possibility of another 'kira' in the world: "milvia loved you so much that she always said that if she ever had a child, she would name her kira".
when i was a little girl, the single idea made me feel so important. eighties, nineties, the twenty-first century. but as i grew up i started to question its' veracity. june 3rd of 2008, i received [on this very blog] the 'comment' posted below:
"Dear Kira, My name is Milvia and I am trying to locate Guillermo and Vicky, close friends and fellow students at USC where we were also neighbors at the university residence. My former husband (Rolando Lopez) and I lost contact with them after returning to Venezuela almost 30 years ago. If they are your parents, I want you to know that I knew you as a child and that my only child and daughter bears your name, Kira, because of you. If indeed they are your parents, how can I get in touch with them?"

[in the picture: rolando, milvia & myself - los angeles, 1978]