Friday, December 15, 2006


la idea que no tienes
de cuanto me gusta
caer en que hay algo
al escuchar tu voz cuando leo
que ni se te ocurra
y que asi, siga sucediendo

la razon que no tengo, es porque a veces la pierdo
si esta en vos o sois voz, lo dicho esta ya cuando se perece
te la pediria a cambio del resto, pero eso tambien me falta
porque tambien a veces lo pierdo, me lo tiendes?

dimelo ya,
que a mi se me sale
asi de hacer,
lo que quieras

Thursday, December 14, 2006

simple things in life

"when you smile, i smile, that’s the deal. i will not walk past you and not look you in the eyes and not acknowledge you. instead we will pass each other and say hello. not with our words, for they are not the same; but with our faces. i meet you and i see there is good in your eyes, there’s passion in your heart and there’s a friendly hello in your smile. and for the first time we can relate and appreciate each other. that’s all it takes, that’s where it starts. because i know that you will smile and i will smile and the rest is easy."

['celebrate humanity' campaign - olympic winter games, 2002)